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Jim Rickards & Peter Schiff Discuss gold and global markets

H/T:  Peter Schiff on YouTube Published: 8/13/2014

With the Economy Unraveling the Fed Can’t Stop Printing

H/T:  Daily Reckoning, David StockmanThere is no reason rooted in the real world to explain this frothy stock market. In every single region of the planet, the post-crisis, central bank fueled expansion cycle — tepid as it was in the global aggregate — is faltering badly.Japan’s economy is only a hair bigger than 5 quarters ago (0.8%) before Abenomics supercharged the Bank of Japan printing…

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Financial Cold War is Accelerating The Dollar’s Demise

H/T:  USA Watchdog, Greg HunterFrom Greg Hunter:Money manager Peter Schiff hasn’t changed his investment strategy one bit, even though the world seems to be falling apart.  Schiff explains, “I am already prepared, and what I am trying to prepare my clients for is for the day when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency. . . . From an investor’s perspective, we are engaging…

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How Wall Street Swipes 2/3 of Your 401(k)

H/T:, Pam Martens  Just reading the headline makes me take a step back and say “yeah, right” and just dismiss it as another overly sensationalized headline. 

Death Of The Dollar: Update – Mike Maloney

H/T: Mike Maloney – The Hidden Secrets of MoneyOn June 1st, 2014, at the Cambridge House Investment Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Mike Maloney ( updated his “Death of the Dollar” presentation and showed how the “Nails in the Coffin of the Dollar Standard” are now coming faster and are more furious than ever before. 

H/T:  Peter Cooper – Goldseek.comFormer head of commodities at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and founder James Turk and John Rubino are well known figures in the gold industry. They’ve just published a new book, ‘The Money Bubble’. It argues that the price of gold is about to soar to $10-12,000 an ounce.

Obama Care-Economy Can’t Survive It-Rick Ackerman

H/T:  Greg Hunter – USA WatchdogTrader and forecaster Rick Ackerman says, “As far as the Fed getting off the easing regimen, it’s not possible . . . You’d kill the system right now.  There’s no way out, and although we put off the day of reckoning, it can’t be put off indefinitely.”  

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