Your 401(k) and investments can vanish in a flash

Who knows what will trigger the next economic downturn?  If you’ve safely weathered the economic destruction of 2000 and 2008, read no further – you’re set.

If you lost a sizeable portion of your 401(k) or other investments when stocks and mutual funds took a dive, you need to sit up and pay attention.

If possible, you need to “diversify” (what a catch phrase) and move a large portion of your savings into silver, gold and other precious metals.  I’m not talking overpriced coins,  I mean bullion.

Precious metals are one of the few investments that will give you a reasonable measure of security in case the US dollar actually does collapse or there is another severe economic downturn.  In short, precious metals may be the best way to “protect your bacon” and potentially make you a fortune.

My goal is to get you to understand that the tech-bubble that popped in 2000 or the housing bubble that burst in 2008 are blips compared to the “adjustment” the US economy will experience in the near future.


Before you decide whether you should take action, review the information and videos on this website.  I’ve put together a lot of infomation that describes the problems with the economy and issues with 401(k)s and retirement programs in general.

I’ve also put together reviews of the more popular precious metals dealers with links that will let you quickly see their reputations and other pertinent facts.


This is a video from Mike Maloney that discusses the economy and what’s in the future.  This video was released 9/24/2013.  (36:02)


Find out why NOW is the time to make a move…